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With the new brand, Olympus Aerospace enters 2024 with a new mission: To provide exceptional support to the aerospace, IGT, and other foundry-based industries in order to assist OEM’s in both commercial and military ventures.


To be the preferred vendor to our customers and the preferred employer to our team. Olympus Aerospace represents an organization that strives to meet every need in foundry support. The new divisions are recognized experts in gauges and fixtures, tooling and die builds, and dip ready molds. Olympus Aerospace also has the capability to 3D print small scale plastics and waxes.


Continuous Improvement





Our History, Our Future

How We Started

Apollo Products Inc.


Olympus Aerospace first opened its doors in April of 1994 as Apollo Products, Inc. in Willoughby, Ohio under the direction of Jesse Baden and Mike Scanlon. The two entrepreneurs, realizing that working for others was hindering their potential, decided to combine their engineering and sales backgrounds to form their own tool shop.


By 1997, Apollo Products became an established gauge and fixture shop in the Cleveland area, and new opportunities began to present themselves. In that same year, Jesse and Mike were approached by an existing customer to expand into the area of foundry support, “ceramic core preparation” this was the birth of API-Pattern Works.


A larger facility was needed, and the companies purchased 4456 Hamann Parkway (Building 1).


The product line for API-Pattern Works expanded into wax pattern dressing, assembly, and the delivery of dip ready molds. Creative Patterns was purchased that gave a foot hold in the wax pattern injection business.

Trucast Acquisition


After 15 years, Jesse and Mike were ready to expand again, and in 2008, began the acquisition of Trucast, Inc. At that time, Trucast consisted of a tool and die shop and a pattern division housed in what became Building 2. This latest acquisition allowed them to get much closer to their goal of becoming a one stop shop for their customers.


By 2010, all the divisions were struggling with the impact of the 2008 recession catching up to the aerospace industry.


Business began to bounce back, and Jesse and Mike purchased “Building 3” which we used to merge our pattern divisions into one, combining years of knowledge and experience to make us an even stronger competitor in the industry.


As business began to bounce back Jesse and Mike purchased “Building 3” which we used to merge our pattern divisions into one. This combined years of knowledge and experience to make an even stronger competitor in the industry.


Our organization continued to grow with the addition of new machines (3D printers), new spaces (B3 expansion and B4), and new employees/staff. Over those years new customers and product lines were to the marketing mix. API and Trucast Patterns were rebranded into API-Trucast and 2019 was the best sales year to date.


As with the rest of the world, the companies ran into roadblocks during 2020 and the onset of COVID. There was the first significant layoff, work being cancelled, and the death of multiple employees or their family members. It was one of the worst times of our company’s history, but with a strong staff who was willing to pivot and employees who remained dedicated to our goals, they pulled through and are beginning to see pre-COVID sales numbers again.

Jesse and Mike’s retirement


After 28 years Jesse and Mike made the difficult decision to complete their succession planning and retire. Over those years the two built a strong business with loyal and dedicated employees. In November of 2022, Kathryn Baden and Chris Scanlon purchased Apollo, API-Trucast, and Trucast from their fathers and looked to the future to continue to build on what Jesse and Mike started all those years ago. By this point in time, Kathryn and Chris had begun their succession journey toward business ownership. Over the previous years they both trained in numerous departments throughout the organization to gain a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of Apollo, API, and Trucast and to become well-rounded leaders, eventually ascending to the positions of Vice President.

Second-generation Business Owners


Within the next year, and with Jesse and Mike’s blessing, Kathryn and Chris developed a rebranding strategy to further unite their operating entities and gain an even stronger foothold in foundry support. Beginning in 2024, Apollo Products, API Pattern Works, and Trucast will now be known as Olympus Aerospace.

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